This collaboration aims to integrate ClassEdge Prime, an advanced digital education platform, into the school’s framework to significantly enhance both learning and teaching experiences.

The collaboration with Tata ClassEdge represents a major step towards digital transformation for Anjuman-I-Islam schools and ensures learners, irrespective of privilege, have access to the most advanced digital solutions and tools to improve future readiness. The industry-first, collaborative, and immersive digital classroom platform offers curriculum-mapped content, state-of-the-art hardware, teacher training and support services. CE Prime provides rich teaching-learning resources, analytics, and a comprehensive ecosystem for effective teaching, management, assessment, and learning.

Commenting on the partnership, Padma awardee Dr. Zahir Kazi, President of Anjuman-I-Islam Group, said, Our collaboration with Tata ClassEdge aligns with our mission to provide top-tier education to a diverse student body, including those from marginalised section of the society. Leveraging advanced technologies and digital resources, we aim to bridge educational divide and enhance the overall learning experience.

Anish Raghunandan, CEO of Tata ClassEdge, says, The implementation of CE Prime is designed to provide a best-in-class digital education platform for the classrooms in Anjuman-I-Islam schools. Our platform enhances the learning experience for students, transforms teachers into digital experts and collaborators and empowers them with rich teaching resources that engage multiple types of learners. Aligned with NEP 2020, Tata ClassEdge supports both teachers and students to adapt to digital advancements and more importantly, cultivate a joy of learning that is lasting.

This next-generation digital classroom platform brings immense benefits to both students and teachers. Content and multimedia mapped to the curriculum lighten the load on lesson planning and create engaging classroom journeys. Foundational and core educational concepts are reinforced in TCEs proprietary Multiple Learning Experiences model, accommodating diverse learning styles. Interactive quizzes, complex topics visualised in 3D and reinforcements in different formats ensure that all types of learners benefit from the teaching-learning process. The user-friendly interface aids school management with analytics, regular content updates, competency-based assessments and technical and academic support to ensure continuity in the classroom.

This platform is designed to evolve with Anjuman-I-Islam Group’s long-term educational goals. The deployment includes installation of full digital classroom infrastructure, access to over 2 lakh digital assets in English and vernacular content, Go-live training and orientation, and ongoing teacher training to ensure educators are fully equipped to utilise the platform.

About Anjuman I Islam
Anjuman-I-Islam, Mumbai (AIM) – a prestigious and venerable Educational and Social Trust was established in 1874. With an illustrious legacy spanning over 150 years, AIM stands as the oldest minority educational conglomerate in India, renowned for its unwavering commitment to empowering marginalised sections of society and advancing women’s education. AIM is deeply driven by the principles of inclusivity, equality, and secularism, ensuring that every individual, irrespective of their background or belief, and socio-economic background, has equal access to exceptional educational opportunities and resources.

About Tata ClassEdge
Tata ClassEdge (TCE), a subsidiary of Tata Industries Ltd., was the first EdTech organisation in India to provide textbook-mapped content to Indian schools that were affiliated to the national and state boards. TCE is currently in its 12th year of operations and its classroom solution is present in 2,000+ schools and used by 1,50,000 teachers and 1.7 million students across India.