Orem-Utah moving company purchases new moving trucks equipped with air ride suspension, which will reduce movement within the trucks during transport, providing a smoother, safer ride.

Founded on the belief that customer experience and satisfaction should be central to the moving experience, Utah’s Moving and Storage Company strives to take the stress out of moving for their customers. While many homeowners fear precious items will be broken or damaged during a move, Utah’s Moving is taking steps to alleviate that fear by ensuring items are safe and secure on the truck to their destination. By adding trucks with air ride suspension to their fleet, Utah’s Moving and Storage Company can ensure belongings bounce and shift much less than they would in a truck with standard suspension, protecting fragile items.

While many movers are moving residential and commercial customers the same way they have for years, Utah’s Moving and Storage Company is striving to raise the bar. Their customer-centric approach to moving leads them to improve their processes and equipment to provide a better moving experience for their customers. From their highly trained, clean-cut, professional packers to their shorter 26-foot moving trucks, which maneuver more easily through neighborhoods, each facet of the move is designed to relieve the pain points customers encounter when moving.

“We are thrilled to add trucks with air ride suspension to our fleet,” remarked Megan Martin, Marketing Manager for Utah’s Moving and Storage Company. “The suspension on a truck may seem like a small detail, but our customers trust us to move all sorts of items from their favorite china and antique furniture to irreplaceable mementos. Air ride suspension helps take the bumps out of the road so items arrive in pristine condition.”

Utah’s Moving and Storage Company has safely moved Utah families for many years. The addition of air ride suspension will bring the following benefits:

  • Fewer Bumps: Air ride suspension provides a smoother ride, meaning boxes, furniture, and other items experience less bumping and jostling.
  • Protection for Fragile Items: Air ride suspension reduces the road vibration that items experience in the truck, reducing the chance that fragile items will crack or break.
  • Increased Efficiency: Air ride trucks remove challenges that can slow the moving process and help keep moving crews on time and schedule.

“Upgrading to air ride suspension is another way that Utah’s Moving and Storage Company demonstrates its commitment to providing the highest level of service, ” remarked Martin. ” Making residential moving a seamless, stress-free experience is our goal, and this change helps us achieve that.”

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