Implement a color-coding system Organizing clothing items by color can help streamline the selection process, create a visually appealing closet layout, and help you feel less overwhelmed.

Utilize under-bed storage To optimize space in smaller closets, utilize under-bed storage containers for seasonal clothing or items not frequently accessed. If you need more space, PODS Tucson provides a variety of sizes of storage containers where you can load and unload your belongings on your own schedule and easily access them at a secure storage facility.

Invest in space-saving hangers Slim, space-saving hangers can help maximize closet space and prevent overcrowding, allowing for easier access to items.

Create a shoe storage solution Opt for shoe racks or clear shoe boxes to organize and store shoes while maximizing floor space in the closet.

Declutter regularly Regularly decluttering and donating unused or unwanted clothing is vital for maintaining an organized closet space and ensuring that the essentials remain.

At PODS, we understand how important it is in day-to-day life to create functional and efficient living spaces, said Steven Figueroa, General Manager of PODS Tucson. We hope these practical storage solutions will help Tucson residents reclaim their closets and simplify their daily routines.

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