The Discovery Source, a nationally recognized, family owned publisher of early childhood education materials, is proud to announce the presentation of their first annual ”Champion Award.” This unique lifetime achievement award, which includes an all expense paid vacation, will be presented in a special ceremony on June 22 in Racine, Wisconsin to educator Lisa Plunkett, who has over twenty years of experience in the field of early childhood education.

“Educators often don’t get paid fairly for all the hard work they do in helping teach and care for the next generation,” says Director of Operations Patrick Scahill. “We are in a position to do something about that and wanted to show how much we appreciate the work that they do.”

According to Plunkett’s coworker and nominator Michelle Christenson:

Lisa started her career as a parent volunteer and worked her way up to a resource teacher. She has raised 3 children as a single mother, one of which has disabilities. She has been an advocate for all children and is a great mentor to her co-workers. She has never been on an airplane or taken a vacation as an adult. She inspires those of us who know her by her kindness and her open mindedness and willing to accept people exactly as they are.

With over a decade of publishing and distributing research-based solutions to early childhood education challenges, as well as vital materials for special needs children such as The Pyramid Model Classroom & Infant-Toddler Kits and The Calming Kit, The Discovery Source has become a premier resource for educators nationwide. Their mission is simple: to create opportunities and solutions for early childhood educators to transform the way they support children and families in the most critical years of childhood development – from birth through third-grade.

“These nominees utilize the resources and trainings that we created with joy and effectiveness,” adds Scahill. “We want to promote the fact that, when you work with us, we share the wealth with you.”

The Discovery Source cordially invites any interested members of the press to attend the award ceremony on June 22 and to spread the word about the importance of early childhood education by celebrating educators such as Ms. Plunkett.

The Discovery Source
Rachel Fernandes



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