ProLux Energy, a prominent solar energy solutions provider, is merging with SolarShips Installation Services, a leading installer in the renewable energy sector from Arizona. This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in the solar industry for Illinois, consolidating sales and installation capabilities under one roof to enhance service quality and job opportunities.

“We are excited to embark on this new chapter with SolarShips,” said Nate Butterfield, Owner of ProLux. “This merger represents more than just a business decision; we aim to set a new standard for solar installations in Illinois now that we have the ability to control the timeline for our customers.”

According to Nate, the decision to merge was driven by a shared vision to elevate the quality of solar services in the region. Arizona, known for its highly competitive solar market, demands excellence from its solar providers. This alliance brings that renowned standard of excellence from Arizona to Illinois, where the demand for high-quality solar installations has been on the rise.

With this merger also comes a commitment to fostering economic development in Illinois by creating job opportunities for experienced workers and electricians. The duo have since moved their operations to the historic Hillsboro Glass Factory in Montgomery County in order to have ample space for their operations and serve sustainable growth for the community.

Moving forward, ProLux and SolarShips are poised to transform the solar landscape in Illinois by delivering quality service, transparency, and sustainable energy solutions to homeowners and businesses alike.

About ProLux Energy

ProLux Energy is a leading solar energy solutions provider committed to helping families beat inflation and utility rate hikes. The company serves residential and commercial customers with a wide selection of high-quality solar products and services designed to deliver maximum efficiency. ProLux Energy’s goal is to be the industry leader in reducing America’s carbon footprint by helping reduce energy waste and expanding the use of renewable resources.

About SolarShips Installation Services

SolarShips Installation Services is a trusted installer in the renewable energy sector with a proven track record of excellence originating out of Phoenix, AZ. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, SolarShips Installation Services brings unparalleled expertise and professionalism to every solar project.

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