Insurance-First BNPL startup, Finsall has raised INR 15 crore in a bridge round led by Unicorn India Ventures and Seafund with additional involvement from other institutional investors.


The funds raised will be used for setting up an NBFC to scale lending operations and deliver more value to its customers in insurance premium financing. The funds will also be allocated for tech enhancement with an aim to develop intuitive, user-friendly interfaces to provide seamless digital experiences for key stakeholders including insurance companies, brokers, agents and lending partners (Banks and NBFCs). The Company also aims to utilise the current capital infusion for developing more strategic partnerships with the insurers, intermediaries, and lenders to broaden service offerings and enhance distribution channels.


Tim Mathews, Co-Founder and CEO, Finsall says, “This interim bridge round will help us focus on scaling our books and taking a huge leap forward in creating an NBFC in the insurance premium financing industry. Building a category is no easy task, especially in the lending and insurance space. We are glad that we have a great core team and long-term investors in Unicorn India Ventures and Seafund who believe in the vision that we are building at Finsall. We have several financial inclusion and lending solutions that will make a difference for those who wish to protect themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. We aim to build on domestic success stories and examine if our products make global sense.”


The Company aims to achieve an accelerated business growth and also ensure that it remains innovative, competitive, and customer-centric. By focusing on product development, operational scaling, and customer service, the company will be well-positioned to disrupt the insurance premium financing industry and build a long-term value proposition in the market.


Anil Joshi, Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures, says, “Insurance premium financing remains a nascent sector but in the last 2 years, specially post covid, there is a strong customer acceptance of this model. Insurance providers to the end users are now comfortable with an option to use credit for financing insurance premiums. Given that insurance penetration in the country is still at 1%, the market opportunity is huge and we believe Finsall has built the right momentum to capitalise on this segment.”


Finsall has seen a 9X revenue growth over the last 2 years. This has been achieved on the back of forging successful strategic partnerships, growing customer base and reaching new demographics. Today, the company is serving customers across 8,000 locations in India. The company has seen major growth in the non-life insurance segments and has on-boarded multiple insurers.


Commenting on the growth of the company, Manoj Agarwal, Managing Partner, Seafund, “We have been invested in Finsall from its early days and have seen the first hand focus of the team on improving the customer retention rates, loan size and tenures and underlying financial asset quality. This has led to a healthy growth. As Finsall onboards more insurance providers and agents, we see the market growing really fast for them.”


Finsall operates with a mission to ensure that every citizen is adequately insured by making insurance premium financing affordable and accessible. The company has chosen to serve a universal set of customers which ranges from HNIs to gig economy workers and enterprises through its lending solutions. Finsall has launched Credit as a Service (CaaS) platform, which is a plug and play model designed to help its customers benefit by simply choosing the insurance products they need to offer credit for without the complexity of building separate credit or lending software systems. With these developments, Finsall is on track to achieve a 4X increase in revenue for the fiscal year 2024-25.


For the last FY 23-24, Finsall grew at an average M-O-M growth rate of 18% in insurance premiums. Finsall’s Integrated Credit Model platform is revolutionising customer onboarding by seamlessly connecting insurers & intermediaries with relevant lenders.