Empowering future leaders: PhD scholarship to Elevate Jain studies and global ethics.

Dr. Jasvant Modi, a distinguished philanthropist and advocate for Jain values, has pledged a generous $175,000 to support a PhD candidate at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. This scholarship, spread over four years starting January 2024, will enable in-depth academic research into the Jain principles of non-violence, non-possessiveness, and the multiplicity of views.

The scholarship aims to cultivate scholarly research in Jain studies, particularly focusing on its ethical and philosophical dimensions that advocate for peace and pluralism. This initiative not only enriches academic understanding but also aims to apply Jain wisdom to modern societal challenges.

Dr. Modi, in his statement, expressed his commitment to promoting peace and philosophical richness. “Supporting academic exploration of Jain principles at SOAS aligns with my vision of contributing to a more peaceful, understanding, and tolerant world. I am excited to see how this scholarship will propel forward-thinking research in these crucial areas.

The scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition and provide a stipend for a PhD candidate over the course of four years, fostering a deep dive into the ancient yet urgently relevant teachings of Jainism. This contribution represents a significant investment in the academic exploration of Jainism and its ethical teachings. Jain studies are crucial for developing a deeper understanding of non-violence, tolerance, and ecological consciousness—principles that are increasingly vital in today’s globalized world.

By nurturing a new generation of scholars specializing in Jain philosophy, this initiative not only preserves and disseminates ancient wisdom but also equips future leaders with the ethical frameworks needed to address pressing global challenges. The scholarship will serve as a beacon for advancing Jain studies, promoting peace and sustainability through scholarly and practical applications.

Dr. Jasvant Modi, a retired gastroenterologist originating from Godhra, India received his medical education from B.J. Medical College and underwent his residency in Chicago, Illinois. As dedicated followers of Jainism, Jasvant and his wife are passionate about philanthropy and spreading Jain values, primarily through education and healthcare projects throughout India and the United States. Their current endeavors are focused on the management of the four hospitals they have acquired. Dr. Jasvant Modi’s mission is to ensure these hospitals support the communities around them, whether it be through in-house dialysis or treating the homeless.

For more news and information on Dr. Jasvant Modi, please visit his website at https://drjasvantmodi.net/.

To learn more about the SOAS at the University of London, please go to https://www.soas.ac.uk/.