The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books exhibited a multitude of books from different genres, including cookbooks. Among them, Cooking with Erma Gray stands out with its simple, conversational instruction and the spirit of Mississippi culinary tradition. Erma Gray has carried a passion for cooking that was passed onto her by her mother and her mother before her. She hopes that her book will also keep traditions alive as it inspires a new generation of Southern-style cooks.

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Each recipe is created with love and compassion for the great flavors, attractiveness, and awesomely delicious dishes that I have created.

The San Diego Union-Tribunes 7th Festival of Books featured a diverse range of publications for just about any lifestyle need. And for those who were looking to up their culinary game with some Southern-style charm, books like Cooking with Erma Gray offer great examples. It was up on display with the help of ReadersMagnet, a book marketing and self-publishing company.

Erma Gray was born and raised in Mississippi and comes from a long line of community-loved cooks. Her personal cookbook was officially published about ten years ago, but many of the recipes within date even further back to the time of her grandmother. And throughout that time, many people in her community have showered plenty of praise for their familys food.

Among the recipes in her cookbook Cooking with Erma Gray include over a dozen different cakes, including the classic Mississippi Mud Cake. Aside from that are various recipes for fried chicken, roast pork, and other delectable mains. Gray also writes the instructions for each recipe in a neat, simple, and conversational style that readers can follow along while working in the kitchen.

Even today, Gray continues to use these recipes both at home and in her catering business. Her culinary expertise has even carried her through stints at popular brands such as Hornel Foods and Quaker Oats.

Erma Gray hopes that those who checked out her work at the San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books 2023 will help her pass along her family kitchen traditions. For those who want to sample her dishes, Cooking with Erma Gray is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Author Bio
Erma was born and raised in Shelby, Mississippi. She attended Broad Street High School. Erma worked for such companies as Baxter Laboratory, St. Regis Paper Company, Hormel Foods and Quaker Oats. Friends and family members constantly needed her help and expertise in the areas of cooking and apparel designs for special occasions. This prompted Erma to launch out on her own as an entrepreneur and offer services for catering and apparel design. Erma and her husband, Marvin Gray, are happily married and live in Dallas, Texas. She has three sons, Darrell Gray, Johnny Gray, Cupid Gray, one daughter, Jacqueline Gray and, a grandson, Pkedric Gray, who inspired me to write this book.

Cooking with Erma Gray
Author: Erma Gray
Published date: Trafford Publishing
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Genre: Cookbook