A New Approach to Emotional Regulation for Kids Aged 7-9

Mindful Mavericks is a new program by KidsTherapy that aims to transform how Singaporean children aged 7-9 learn emotional regulation. With a unique blend of indoor and outdoor activities, the program fosters emotional growth and builds connections engagingly and excitingly

Here are the details of this program:
📅 Session Dates: June 4, June 11, June 18, and June 25
🕘 Time: 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM
💰 Fee: $390 per participant per session | $1,490 per participant for four sessions
Program Highlights
Four Unique Sessions Focused on Nature Connection, Communication, and Healthy Screen Time
Nature Connection (June 4)
Through storytelling, role-playing, and outdoor exploration, participants learn to develop empathy and connection with others and nature. Indoor activities are complemented by outdoor team-building games, deepening their understanding of the world.
Inside-Out Connection (June 11)
This session focuses on honing communication skills indoors and outdoors. Participants engage in interactive games and role-plays indoors, followed by outdoor team challenges and nature scavenger hunts, learning effective communication and teamwork.
Screen Time Safari (June 18)
This session teaches children about healthy screen time habits and promotes a balanced approach to technology. Interactive discussions and indoor activities are combined with outdoor adventures, such as nature walks and games, to encourage a healthy balance between screen time and outdoor play.
Building Bonds (June 25)
Fostering positive relationships is the focus here. Indoor activities that promote teamwork and empathy are followed by outdoor cooperative games and nature exploration. Participants learn how to build strong friendships and meaningful connections.
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