Jolly Roger Brewery is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest brew, Liberty Light Ale, a light ale (4% ABV) with hints of citrus. Liberty Light Ale is more than just a refreshing beverage; it’s a symbol of solidarity with those who have served our country. Brewed by veterans, for veterans, this light and crisp ale embodies the spirit of camaraderie and patriotism.

In a gesture of gratitude, Jolly Roger Brewery pledges to donate $1 of every pint of Liberty Light Ale sold in 2024 to the Piedmont Veterans Assistance Council. This organization is dedicated to providing essential support and resources to veterans in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, ensuring they receive the assistance they deserve.

“Piedmont Veterans Assistance Council (PVAC) is honored and excited to join our friends at Jolly Roger Brewery as they launch their newest Liberty Light Ale Brew! We are so grateful for their continual support in assisting us on our mission to provide support to veterans and their families who are in need in our community. Our Freedoms Do Not Come Free! Cheers to making a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed for us all as we celebrate our freedoms together,” said Sheri Roberts, Outreach Coordinator, PVAC.

“We’re honored to introduce Liberty Light Ale as our newest offering,” said Neil Preston, former Marine and volunteer brewer at Jolly Roger Brewery. “As veterans ourselves, we wanted to create a beer that not only celebrates our shared experiences but also gives back to our community of fellow service members.”

Join us at Jolly Roger Brewery on Armed Forces Day, May 18, 2024, from 2 to 8 pm, at 236 Raceway Drive, Mooresville, NC, for the release of Liberty Light Ale and the festivities, which will include rides on an authentic HMMWV, sampling of MREs, and of course delicious craft beer. Together, let’s make a difference, one pint at a time.

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Tony Philipp



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