SITI congratulates Hong Kong delegation shines at 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva


     The 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, being one of the most significant global annual events on inventions, was held from April 17 to 21 in Geneva, Switzerland. Hong Kong delegation was the largest ever, comprising close to 700 representatives from 40 organisations including universities, research and development centres, research laboratories, technology companies, government departments, and primary and secondary schools. The delegation has won a record high number of over 350 prizes, including six Special Awards, 28 Gold Medals with Congratulations of Jury and 114 Gold Medals.

     The Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, today (April 21), congratulated the Hong Kong delegation. He said, “The record-breaking number of awards won by the delegation at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva this year is encouraging as it not only reflects the international recognition of Hong Kong’s research and scientific achievements, but also exemplifies Hong Kong’s profound strength in innovation and technology (I&T), which has laid a solid foundation for Hong Kong to become an international I&T centre.”