A4, manufacturer of premium sportswear and team uniforms, is proud to announce that it is now making all its most popular apparel, and the vast majority of its line, with recycled polyester.

In recent years, many companies have launched sustainable styles that are made from recycled material. Typically, it has been limited to a few styles that are sold at a premium. A4 is going a different route.

Mark Mertens, President and Owner of A4, says “It is a radical move. A4 is going all out by revamping nearly its entire line to be made with recycled polyester. True to form A4 does not see this as an opportunity to raise prices. Indeed, it gives us the chance to offer our customers a unique selling proposition and added value. This is the A4 way. It is something we have been working toward for a while now.”

The polyester yarn is generated using recycled water bottles, billions of which end up in our landfills and oceans annually. Diverting these to be used in performance apparel, not only reduces waste but does so in a way customers can support without sacrificing financially.

“We are committed to continually investing in our customers’ business by giving them the highest quality apparel, at the best prices on the market, in a sustainable manner. This is a win for us, our customers and the environment,” said Mr. Mertens.

Media Contact: Adam Waugh, awaugh@a4.com, 323-585-0550 x502

About A4 – A4 operates on a simple principal: Provide the highest quality athletic apparel at the lowest possible prices. We do this by cutting out the middle men. A4 designs, cuts and sews more of its line to maintain higher quality control and provide better performing garments. And, since we aren’t paying a bunch of middle men along the way, we pass that savings on to our customers. This formula has made A4 a leading supplier of uniforms and sports apparel to thousands of team dealers, screen printers and others who support tens of thousands of schools, leagues, teams and companies.

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