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About Robert Plotkin
Robert Plotkin is a patent attorney who has been specializing in software patents for over 25 years. He is an MIT-educated computer scientist and the co-founder of the boutique patent firm, Blueshift IP. Robert wrote the first and only book on the impact of AI on patents, entitled, The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Inventing is Revolutionizing Law and Business, which was published by Stanford University Press in 2009. His upcoming book, AI Armor, describes strategies for obtaining IP protection for innovative AI technologies. Robert uses his in-depth knowledge of patent law and AI technology to obtain broad, strong, and defensible AI patents for his clients worldwide.

About Blueshift IP
Blueshift IP is a patent law firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specializes in patents for software and computer technology. The firms founding partners, Cynthia Gilbert and Robert Plotkin, are software patent attorneys with backgrounds in computer science and a passion for technology. Blueshift IP obtains broad, strong and defensible patents that maximize value for sale, licensing, and litigation. Both Attorneys Plotkin and Gilbert have been recognized as Massachusetts Super Lawyers and Blueshift IP has been recognized as an IP Trailblazer by The National Law Journal.

Event Summary
In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and software innovations have become the driving force behind groundbreaking inventions. Protecting these intellectual assets through patents is crucial for businesses and innovators alike. This explores the intricacies of patenting ML, AI, and software inventions, providing a clear and practical roadmap for inventors, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals.

In this live CLE webcast, a distinguished panel of key thought leaders and practitioners brought together by The Knowledge Group will provide holistic understanding of patentability and provides practical guidance for successfully safeguarding intellectual property in this rapidly evolving field.

Key issues that will be covered in this course are:
USPTO Inventorship Guidance for AI-Assisted Inventions
Crafting Claims for AI-Related Inventions
Invention Analysis for AI-based Technologies
Potential Pitfalls
Responsible and Irresponsible Uses of AI

About The Knowledge Group
Founded in November 2006, The Knowledge Group has been at the forefront of providing quality continuing education programs for lawyers, accountants, financial executives, risk and compliance specialists, human resources professionals, technology officers, and business consultants in a wide range of industries.

The Knowledge Group strives to be the best-in-class provider of continuing education by bringing forth relevant content you cant get anywhere else.