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Players act in the role of an agent of the Bureau of paranormal phenomena, with which they are tasked to deal with.

The main slogan of the game is “We trained the neural network to kill”. It controls the ghosts behavior, which is changing based on the actions and words players said to the ghost. That means you have to watch what you say and thats how the neural network acts in the game as an invisible scriptwriter

Variability of environment and the uniqueness of the room layout are customized. This is done by the generation of “handmade” blocks.

The game cycle is based on the realistically designed stages of investigation and exorcism, where effective teamwork is crucial not only for success, but also for survival, but there is still room for vengeance for the sake of their own vigilance.

The game is developed by Ukrainian studio MiroWin (“Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR”, “Boiling Steel”, etc.) and scheduled for Early access release in June 2024 on Steam.