Tamie Stockman-Heagys storytelling prowess is poised to captivate hearts and ignite the fires of inspiration in readers worldwide.

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With a narrative that engages the soul and prose that touches the heart, What Hope Looks Like is a literary masterpiece that promises to leave readers deeply inspired and spiritually renewed.

The Christian motivational self-help book What Hope Looks Like by Tamie Stockman-Heagy was exhibited by the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the Printers Row Lit Fest 2023. The book fair was held last September 9-10, 2023, at Printers Row Park, South Loop, Chicago, Illinois.

What Hope Looks Like masterfully weaves a tapestry seamlessly transitioning from Santas boundless generosity to the profound message of finding true hope in Christ.

The year 2020 bore witness to unprecedented challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic cast a shadow of uncertainty across the globe. Stockman-Heagy acknowledges the weight of these trials in her work, astutely noting, Time brings so many changes.

Yet, her narrative transcends mere observation as it delves into the profound struggle to find solid ground amidst adversity, where time itself feels like an adversary, leaving hearts yearning for trust and hope. Within the books pages, Stockman-Heagy unveils the true essence of hope, an unwavering beacon found in Christ.

Drawing inspiration from Psalm 139:16, the author emphasizes that Christ intimately knows each persons existence, having known their days before one of them came to be. This profound understanding allows Him to cradle individuals in His right hand, offering solace and guidance during their darkest hours.

At the core of What Hope Looks Like lies the timeless teachings of Christ, unveiled through His Word and the life He led. Stockman-Heagy skillfully imparts the message that generosity and love should extend far beyond the festive season, underscoring the significance of helping one another throughout the year.

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What Hope Looks Like
Author | Tamie Stockman-Heagy
Genre | Nonfiction
Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing
Published Date | March 25, 2022

Authors Biography
Tamie Stockman-Heagy is blessed to have been raised in a Christian home, to have grown up on a farm in the Midwest, and to be the youngest of many siblings. She attended a Christian church and grade school with amazing pastors and teachers who faithfully taught Gods Word. After receiving a B.S. in English, she worked a number of years in legal word processing. She is the mother of one wonderful son, Zachariah, who plays the role of the young boy in the story.