Be ready to groove with the punch of music and unique hip-hop vibes of up-and-rising rapper MCB. He will win your heart with his profound tracks, in English and Spanish.

London, United Kingdom Sep 7, 2023 (  – The brilliant concoction of excellent music and powerful words can be extremely addictive. This rising hip-hop star MCB is all set to win your heart and set you free with his engaging releases. One of his uniquely arranged and highly reflective releases, ‘Self Service’ has some delightful narrative along with some engaging lines. The prolific vibes of this number will completely win your heart and make you smile. Another highly engaging release ‘Slave Forever’ is a concoction of brilliant soundscapes with highly catchy lyricism. The world-class tranquility will give you the rest you always have wished for.

His works are focused on assorted topics including Love, Inequality, Religious, etc. This charming rapping artist is a comforting singer with flawless taste and compelling shuffling vibes that will make you fall harder for this highly engaging artist of this age. Another of his masterpieces ‘De Trop’ will make you dance and you will be compelled to play this song in loops to assimilate the energetic vibes of hip-hop and rapping. From his earliest days of singing to becoming one of the prominent faces of this industry, this artist had an enthralling journey, simply based on his musical merit.

The seamless form of his songs is driven and created by the ecstatic passion he has for music and hip-hop. Some of his all-time memorable releases are ‘Akuna Matata’, ‘Self Service’, ‘Slave Forever’, ‘De Trop’, ‘Deception’, and ‘Rip Daddy’. For every MCB fan, get ready as he will be coming soon with more singles. From hip-hop rap to Afrobeat, his range of music offers diverse techniques and genres. His music unites cultures and also is influenced by various cultures as well. To know more, find him on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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