A friend helps a playdate turn to God when his parents are on the verge of divorcing.

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God gave us feelings and He wants us to let them out

Melissa Murgos God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing was one of the insightful and entertaining books exhibited by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 London Book Fair. The book trade fair occurred at Olympia London, London, UK, last April 18-20, 2023.

God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing is a childrens book that delves into the process of parental divorce. It follows two kids named Joey and Tyler, children of divorce. Tylers parents are in the process of separation, and he is trying to cope. Joey, whose parents have divorced, takes to Tylers side and lets him open up about it to make him feel better.

The book features dialogues between the two boys, along with illustrations in which young readers can picture whats happening. So, the experience of reading the book is like watching friends talking. The author wants the book to be engaging for young readers to help them get the lesson right away.

Murgo created God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing to provide support and guidance to youngsters with parents in the process of divorce. Children are actually the ones that are greatly affected by separating parents. They tend to be placed in a parental love triangle that puts them in a position of choosing where they still lose. Divorce has affected a huge percentage of young people in America. These youngsters experience a change in behavior and a sudden detachment from what they used to love.

God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing features scriptures to help the coping kid with the Word of God. The spiritual inspirational passages will help those that are struggling with their dilemmas.

Readers can get a copy of God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing by Melissa Murgo on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing
Author| Melissa Murgo
Published Date| November 22, 2022
Publisher| Christian Faith Publishing
Genre| Children

Authors Biography
God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing, a heartfelt look into how to rely on ones faith while coping with the adjustments needed following divorce. God, Help! My Parents Are Divorcing is the creation of published author Melissa Murgo, who lives in Massachusetts with her three sons. Murgo is a dedicated hockey, football, and baseball mom. When shes not writing, she runs a trucking company and property management company with her family. She holds two BA degrees from Boston College and an MPA degree, and she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time at the beach with her boys