Being one of the fastest-going sectors, the beauty industry sadly impacts the environment in various ways. However, in recent years, there has been a growing awareness and effort within the industry to minimize its environmental footprint and promote sustainability. With the rising concerns, people and brands are becoming more conscious about their choices and offerings. Being at the receiving end, consumers play a significant role in choosing what is best for nature.

This Environment Day, you can do your bit by adopting organic products that are good for the environment and works wonders for your skin. Here, we bring you top natural and eco-friendly products induced with organic ingredients to try out.

Bio-Retinol Youth Radiance Anti-Ageing Face Wash|Lotus Botanicals| Price: 318.


This Bio Retinol youth radiance anti againg most natural and potent derivatives of Vitamin A – Bio-Retinol. Lotus Botanicals Bio-Retinol Youth Radiance Face Wash lifts away impurities and dirt without stripping natural moisture. Super hydrating formula enhances the skin luminance and makes it fresh and radiant every day. This face wash is super hydrating and cleanses face giving it a radiant look. This facewash is purely vegan and it stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin radiance.

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Mahabhringraj Oil |Brillare| Price: 495/-

Billare Mahabhringraj Oil is a 100% natural hair & scalp oil made from ayurvedic Kshirpak Vidhi (without milk) for thicker, fuller, vibrant-looking hair and a healthy, clear scalp. It helps to reduce hair fall, dandruff, and premature greying of hair. The oil strengthens the hair from the roots and gives thicker, fuller, and healthy-looking hair.

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Eladi Hydrating Face Cream |Kama Ayurveda| Price: 1145/-

Eladi Hydrating Face Cream is a 97.5% Natural and Rich face cream. Its Ayurveda- inspired formula makes it a must-have cream that nourishes the skin and helps to repair the skin barriers. With ingredients like Costus, Cardamom & Aloe Vera, this rich face cream helps hydrate & soften skin naturally, by keeping skin soft & revitalized, this cream helps maintain skin elasticity & reduce signs of aging.

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Grapefruit & Lavender Organic Deodorant Cream |Juicy Chemistry| Price: 599/-

Juicy Chemistry’s Grapefruit & Lavender Organic Deodorant cream is an organic, cruelty-free & veg deodorant with a lightweight blend of natural deodorizers and nourishing oils that helps neutralize body odor and keeps you feeling fresh for long hours. Its light and fast-absorbing formula helps improve skin tone, texture, and tonicity. This organic deodorant leaves no residue on the skin and prevents the clogging of sweat ducts.

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Vitamin C Day Cream |Mamaearth| Price: 599/-


Mamaearth Vitamin C Day Cream is a Cruelty-Free day cream with SPF 20 for skin Illumination. This Mamaearth Cream brightens your skin naturally and reduces signs of aging. This cream is lightweight, provides hydration, and gives your face a natural glow. Enriched with Niacinamide and antioxidants, it fights photoaging and free-radical damage, and repairs skin cells to reveal healthy and radiant skin. This Mamaearth Vitamin C day face cream has no harmful chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.

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