, a leading revive adserver plugin provider launches a behavior targeting plugin for revive adserver which enables advertisers to target core audiences based on browsing history. Behavior Targeting Plugin collects user information such as browsing history, search queries, and other online activities in order to create a profile of their interests and preference.

With these behavior analyses, advertisers can target specific creatives to users who are most likely to be get converted. For example, if users are repeatedly searching for headsets, they may be getting targeted with headphones, earbuds, AirPods, etc.

Behavior targeting plugins have behavioral segments which detect the specific web page visited by the end user and its targeting content.’s behavior targeting plugin can be used by a variety of platforms including websites and mobile apps.

The behavior targeting plugin allows advertisers to be more precise in the targeting, where ads will show only to relevant audiences based on the behavior. This can lead to a high conversion rate and better ROAS. It improves efficiency because advertisers can avoid wasting ad spend on unrelevant audiences, this result in efficient use of ad budget with high ROI. It also helps to improve brand awareness as it is more likely to target those who are interested to buy the advertiser’s products and services

Behavior-targeting plugin helps publishers with increased revenue as publishers can charge a high price for their ad inventory because the ads are more likely to get converted. Also, it helps to build a strong relationship, where both get benefited from this plugin. This can lead to repeat business, long-term partnerships, and a more stable revenue stream.


About specializes in developing plugins and extensions for Revive Adserver, developed more than 450+ plugins and extensions that helped to enhance the functionality of Revive Adserver platform. It offers several features, including advanced targeting options, enhanced reporting, and analytics, supports multiple ad formats, and automatic optimization.

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