The Concrete Collection Will Feature Two 8-Bit Action Games Never Before Released in the United States

Hh Collage Web Concrete Collection 2

Hh Collage Web Concrete Collection 2

POMONA, Calif.April 19, 2023PRLog — Corrupt construction companies beware, because Hammerin’ Harry is back in a limited-edition box set from Retro-Bit® Publishing (, a publishing imprint of Retro-Bit®. Hammerin’ Harry: Concrete Collection ( features the heroic construction worker’s first two console games, Hammerin’ Harry and Hammerin’ Harry 2 on the Nintendo® Entertainment System (NES®). Like previous Retro-Bit Publishing releases, this will be a limited one-time production run available for pre-order.  Pre-orders are available now and will run through May 21 at $99.99/119,99 for the Hammerin’ Harry Concrete Collection, which includes both NES Collector’s Edition games and exclusive collector’s slipcase while each individual NES Collector’s Editions will be for $54.99/€64,99.

Originally released by Irem as a side-scrolling arcade game in 1990 before being ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System one year later, Hammerin’ Harry tells the story of a hammer-wielding carpenter who vows to protect his hometown of Beranme (Carpentersville) from cutthroat businessmen. His journey continues in Hammerin’ Harry 2, which adds to the 2D action with shoot ’em up stages where Harry uses his mighty hammer to fly through the air.

Although a fan-favorite in Japan, Hammerin’ Harry has rarely been seen in the United States. Hammerin’ Harry: Concrete Collection will mark the first time any game in the franchise has been released physically in North America. The box set will also include Hammerin’ Harry 2, the 1993 sequel that has never been released outside of Japan. Retro-Bit announced that this NES sequel will be localized into English for the first time ever.

Each game in the Hammerin’ Harry: Concrete Collection comes with a unique cartridge design ranging from Oak Wood to Freshly-Paved, along with a full-colored instruction manual and a numbered deluxe hardcover box designed to hold the 8-bit cartridge. For those looking to show off these collector’s cartridges, both Hammerin’ Harry games on the NES will come with an acrylic display stand. Those who pre-order the Hammerin’ Harry: Concrete Collection will also receive an exclusive slipcase to store both collectors edition games.

“We’re excited to finally be bringing Harry and his trusty hammer to the United States physically for the first time ever with the Concrete Collection,” explains Richard Igros, Director of Marketing at Retro-Bit Publishing. “The team takes pride in re-releasing rare and unattainable classics and localizing them to new regions.  The support we have received with each release has been overwhelming and inspires us to strive to do better with each collector’s edition we produce. “

Retro-Bit Publishing previously released the well-received Toaplan Collection box set in 2020 for SEGA Genesis and Valis Collection box set in 2022. Other recent Retro-Bit reproductions have included Gaiares, Gley Lancer, Battletoads & Double Dragon and Avenging Spirit, which marked the company’s first foray into GameBoy publishing.

Pre-orders for limited one-time production release of Hammerin Harry Concrete Collection are available now and will run through May 21 at $99.99/119,99 for the full collector’s box and the individual Collector’s Editions will be $54.99/€69.99. Visit the Retro-Bit website ( for all participating retailers. North American pre-orders can be placed through Limited Run Games ( and Castlemania ( Games, while European pre-orders will be available at Spel & Sant (, Strictly Limited Games (, Arcade Dreams (, DragonBox Shop (, Retro Cables ( and more.

A portion of the proceeds generated by Retro-Bit’s Hammerin’ Harry Collector’s Edition re-releases will be donated to the Video Game History Foundation (, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games.

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