Lexus will exhibit at Auto Shanghai 2023 to be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China for 10 days from Tuesday April 18 to Thursday 27, 2023.
In addition to the world premiere of the new “LM,” the exhibition will feature a number of concept models featuring various automotive lifestyles that meet the needs of diverse customers with a focus on the age of electrification, all aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral society.

Concept models showcasing the added pleasure a car can bring to outdoor lifestyles

Based on the brand’s desire to deliver outdoor experiences that help people understand, enjoy, and protect nature, Lexus will further the “OVERTRAIL(1) PROJECT” to provide a variety of outdoor experiences centering around the joy of car ownership, while still living in harmony with the great outdoors. In addition to the world premiere of the RZ OUTDOOR CONCEPT based on the RZ 450e, the first dedicated battery EV model from Lexus to go on sale in 2023, the RX Outdoor Concept and ROV(2) CONCEPT 2 will be exhibited in a camping setting, along with the NX.

Concept models embodying the joy of BEV performance and customization

With a focus on electrification, the “RZ SPORT CONCEPT” is on display to demonstrate the joy of customization as well as the unique driving performance of a battery EV, while the “Lexus Electrified Sport”, a high-performance battery EV, symbolizes the future of Lexus BEVs. Lexus is committed to maintaining its focus on pure car making, even for BEVs , and will offer a wide variety of ways for customers to enjoy their cars.

Lexus International President Takashi Watanabe Shanghai Motor Show Speech (excerpt)
“We will continue our commitment to car making in the age of BEVs, focusing on strong vehicle fundamentals and further enhancing the Lexus Driving Signature and design underpinned by electrification technology. This means doubling down on our efforts to create cars where the moment you lay eyes on them, take a seat, or start driving, you know it’s a Lexus. On the other hand, as BEVs continue to spread globally, it is important to consider various regional infrastructures, energy environments, and vehicle usage patterns around the world, and to provide a wide range of options for reducing CO2 emissions, such as BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, and hydrogen-engine vehicles. At Lexus, our goal is to enrich our customers’ lifestyles together with their cars.”

(1) OVERTRAIL: A term created by Lexus International combining the words “overland” and “trail,” referring to overland roads and unpaved roads in forests and fields, to create the image of a connection with nature and the opening up of new paths.
(2) ROV: Abbreviation of Recreational Off-highway Vehicle. The ROV is a concept vehicle featuring excellent response and an exhilarating engine sound that stimulates the senses. By venturing into places where even off-road vehicles cannot go, it aims to offer an enjoyable driving lifestyle by interacting and coexisting with nature.

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