FOUNDRY CEO Rick Peltz has written a CRM white paper intended to benefit the entire commercial real estate industry.

Titled “Tired of Being a Salesforce Prisoner?” the white paper is now available on the FOUNDRY website. It explains the two types of web-based CRE solutions available, the pros and cons of each, and cost comparisons between the two.

After having spent nearly twenty years as a Chief Information Officer with CRE brand Marcus & Millichap, Peltz has embarked on a continuing mission to disrupt the commercial real estate niche and save the top CRE companies millions of dollars.

According to Peltz: “Just two years ago, there were seven subscription-based SAAS CRE solutions. Four of these SAAS brands were Salesforce-based (Apto, REthink CRM, Buildout, AscendixRE CRM), and RealNex, Prospect Now and ClientLook.”

“In 2023, there are only four subscription-based CRE solutions remaining. Slowly, but surely the industry is realizing that a non-subscription based solution FOUNDRY is your way out of the Salesforce prison,” said Peltz.

Foundry is the first and only CRE enterprise software solution that you own, complete with deal, property, CRM and prospecting management. Unlike all other CRM solutions, there is no service contract and there are no recurring subscription fees. It is uniquely and specifically designed for the CRE niche, easy to navigate and extremely user friendly.

Brokerage teams from global firms including CBRE, Colliers, Marcus & Millichap, Kidder Matthews, NAI, RIPCO, Centennial Advisors, Lee & Associates, Sperry CGA were seeking an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution and are already using the new platform.

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