ew Company Monarchs Emerges with Women’s Hormone Supplements

Founded by Milokssy Resto, the winner of HBO Max’s “The Big Shot,” Monarchs is a women’s health and wellness company ready to impact the industry with their accessible and affordable supplements.

Monarchs: Empowering Women’s Health and Wellness
Monarchs made its social media debut on March 8, 2023—the day that International Women’s Day is celebrated globally. Behind the scenes, CEO and founder Milokssy Resto and her team were preparing for something much bigger: the launch of their first product.

Monarchs is a company dedicated to promoting and advocating for women’s health in all forms. Monarchs will launch five supplements: Hormone Therapy, Dream a Little Dream, Baby Blues, Hair Intensity, and Bloat Buster. Each serves its purpose, from rebalancing hormones, helping achieve restful sleep, and reducing uncomfortable bloating. Prices begin at $23, significantly lower than others already on the market.

Resto’s biggest motivator to enter the market? Helping women. “I need to help people…there’s already a market for people who want to spend the $60. There’s no market for those who can’t afford it. Where’s the market for the people who can only spend $20? It doesn’t exist!” After experiencing her own health scare, Milokssy Resto was determined to shake up the industry. Despite seeking medical help, no doctor was able to assist her until she went through a traumatic incident while commuting to work one morning.

More than just a line of supplements, Monarchs is also a community of women, with the goal of supporting and uplifting other women. Their blog features open and honest conversations about the truth of womanhood and tackles topics that are often considered taboo. Monarchs is breaking down the stigmas surrounding these life experiences and empowering women to take charge of their health.

“My goal is to encourage women to participate in a new way of taking charge of their health. Focusing on women’s health concerns that have been neglected for so long, Monarchs utilizes all-natural ingredients to get you feeling better daily – overall improving your mental and physical health,” says Milokssy Resto, Founder & CEO of Monarchs.

Their name, inspired by the transformative lifecycle of butterflies, reflects the journey of women. Monarchs recognizes that women undergo intense cycles in their lives, and they want to support women through every stage of their journey.

Monarchs is excited to announce the launch of their line of natural supplements and their growing community of empowered women. They invite women everywhere to join them on their journey to wellness and transformation.

For more information about Monarchs, their line of supplements, and their community of women, please visit their website at www.monarchsco.com

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