FINDSTORY, a leading provider of stock footage and video content, has announced the launch of its innovative platform for content creators that offers complete creative freedom.

Back in 2017, the founder of FINDSTORY noticed that working with clients limited the creative process, leading him to turn his attention to the stock industry. He quickly assembled a team that entered the top 10 videographers on the most famous stock resources in just two years. Fast-forward to 2023 – the stock footage platform with TOP quality videos is launched.

The FINDSTORY platform offers a vast library of high-quality stock footage and video content, curated by a team of industry experts. With a focus on diversity, FINDSTORY provides content that reflects the real world, featuring a wide range of people, places, and cultures. FINDSTORY is based on two principles: quality footage and combined stories. FINDSTORY team work with dedicated authors and equipment, ensuring that the footage they produce is of the highest quality. They present the footage on the platform by grouping it into stories by location and scenes, making it easy for clients to find suitable material and create almost any video in just a second.

“We’re thrilled to launch FINDSTORY and offer content creators a new and innovative platform for finding the footage and video content they need,” said Valery Kozlitinov, CEO and founder of FINDSTORY. “Our goal is to provide a diverse and inclusive library of content that reflects the world around us, and to make it easy and affordable for creators to find and use the content they need to tell their stories.”

FINDSTORY understands global themes and trends and follows them to produce content in demand. They produce a minimum of 200 new stories each month in partnership with other authors, with some footage shot by the team themselves. They also experiment with topics to expand their portfolio, often finding success with new experimental themes.

FINDSTORY maintains consistent quality across all their footage through a solid process similar to the shooting of a commercial. They brainstorm, prepare references, conduct casting, do location scouting, work with stylists, and professionally color grade the footage. Clients can rely on the result they see.
“We’re excited to see how creators will use FINDSTORY to bring their stories to life,” said Alina Chernomorets, CMO of FINDSTORY. “Whether it’s a commercial project, a social media campaign, or a documentary film, we believe that FINDSTORY has the content creators need to make their vision a reality.”

With FINDSTORY, clients can find professional footage, as the platform doesn’t accept amateur ones, saving them time searching for suitable material. The platform has received positive feedback from clients who found footage for their music video in half of the day instead of a typical search for 5-6 days on other resources.

FINDSTORY is now available for content creators to explore and use. For more information, visit the FINDSTORY website at

Alina Chernomorets



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