Unlike pumps, the AW-Lake JVM Series Positive Displacement Flow Meters are not prone to drift, overspin, or media slippage under pulsation that results in ultra-precise chemical batching for the SPF machine over time. To ensure longevity and chemical compatibility, the positive displacement flow meter features a ball bearing design that works well in non-lubricating media, such as the chemicals used in this application.

City Fireboats Use AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meter to Measure Fire Retardant Foam
In another application, city fireboats are using AW-Lake Turbine Flow Meters and Transmitters to measure fire-retardant foam for extinguishing fires. Fitted on foam lines, the AW-Lake TRG Turbine Meters provide feedback to the PLC on actual flow rate volumes. AW-Lakes RT-30 Flow Transmitters accept the turbines pulse input and display readings locally while providing a 4-20mA output signal to a PLC to control the opening and closing of the valves for the desired ratio.

AW-Lakes TRG Turbine meters were ideal for this project due to their rugged stainless-steel body construction, material compatibility with the low viscosity fluid, and most importantly their compact size and small face-to-face dimension.