Government renews lease of Fringe Club


     ​In response to media enquiries about the renewal of the lease with the operator of the Fringe Club (i.e. Hong Kong Festival Fringe Limited), a spokesman of the Government said today (April 4) that the Government has renewed the lease for the above premises with the Hong Kong Festival Fringe Limited for one year starting April 1, 2023. In making the decision, the Government has taken into account the current operation of the Fringe Club and the need for providing space and facilities for small and medium-sized performing groups in Hong Kong.

     Regarding the arrangement of the premises of the Fringe Club after March 31, 2024, the Government will commence an invitation for proposal exercise in the middle of this year in order to identify the most suitable non-profit-making operator of the premises currently occupied by the Fringe Club after the current lease. All non-profiting-making operators, including the current operator, may submit proposal in that exercise. The Government will announce the details of the exercise in due course.