Mr.Dhananjay Bele, president of NIMA, Mrs. Aneesa Tadvi, Asst. Commissioner and CEngg. Shreekant Patil, Mentor at MAARG Startup India & chairman of NIMA Startup Hub was the chief guest of this event held at NIMA House from 2 PM to 5 PM.

125+ women entrepreneurs, across Nashik, were present for this workshop.

Initially, Mr. Bele introduced this startup hub and the necessity of women entrepreneurs in business and guided various opportunities available in Nashik. Then Mrs. Aneesa Tadvi guided and explained the state government’s various plans for women, like challenges, seminars, training, subsidies, etc.

Then, Mentor Shreekant Patil started a workshop on awareness of startup India initiative, benefits, registration of DPIIT, Taxation, pro bono services, learning development program, etc. followed by a Standup India session which included detailed information on udyami site for women entrepreneurs, various funding facilities from govt like loan subsidies, banks, etc. For SC/ST and women.

The session was very insightful for women and then he concluded it by promising he will give more time to attend women at 1-on-1 mentoring, helping to get DPIIT registration, validation, project reports, etc.

CE. Shreekant Patil will conduct fruitful sessions every month for women and individuals to create 500+ new entrepreneurs from Nashik.

Following strategies to succeed in a changing ecosystem

Empowerment is critical to creating a suitable environment for women entrepreneurs to thrive.
Education and skill-building
Empowerment and inspiration
Networking opportunities

To conclude, the world needs more women entrepreneurs, and organizations such as NIMA Startup Hub are important in supporting and empowering them. NIMA aims to assist women entrepreneurs in conquering the unique challenges they face and developing successful and sustainable businesses through events, initiatives, and resources. Women entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success by focusing on clear business planning, financial management, networking, and marketing. Women can connect with other professionals, gain new skills and knowledge, and find the resources and support they need to achieve their goals by attending events like such workshops. With the right tools, resources, and support, women entrepreneurs can thrive, create jobs, and drive economic growth for years to come.

NIMA, the apex association of north Maharashtra, has initiated a slew of initiatives to bridge this gap and empower women entrepreneurs. The NIMA startup hub is an initiative in Nashik that aims to foster entrepreneurship, nurture startups, stand up, and connect entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and peers. NIMA startup hub has been organizing several events, workshops, and mentoring sessions to help women innovators thrive.