Frank Remkiewiczs new childrens book, The Last Time I Saw Harris, is a colorful adventure that follows Edmund and his beloved parrot, Harris, as they search for each other across the countryside.

The Last Time I Saw Harris is a delightful story that captures the joys and struggles of friendship and the power of perseverance. Edmund and Harris are best friends who love to play color flash cards together. When a fierce windstorm sucks Harris out of the parlor window, Edmund is grief stricken and refuses to eat or leave his bed. His parents hire a chauffeur, Higgins, to take Edmund and the car to find Harris.

The journey is full of adventures and mishaps as they search in large cities, rural countryside, and auto wrecking yards. Edmund and Higgins are determined to find Harris and teach him the last color, purple, but their search seems hopeless until Edmund finally finds him in a large, shapely tree.

The book is beautifully illustrated with bold and vibrant colors, bringing the characters and their adventures to life. With a powerful message about friendship and determination, The Last Time I Saw Harris is sure to be a favorite for children of all ages.

The Last Time I Saw Harris is available now in hardcover and softcover editions. It is published by Your Online Publicist and can be purchased at https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/the-last-time-i-saw-harris-by-frank-remkiewicz/.

The Last Time I Saw Harris
Author: Frank Remkiewicz
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: April 2023
Genre: Childrens Book
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63892-573-6
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63892-574-3

About the Author
Frank Remkiewicz is the illustrator of The Popular Froggy books, The Horrible Harry Books and The Pre-Reader Series The Gus Books. He has also illustrated many Greeting Cards, Posters and an Iconic Version of the Animal Cracker Box. He lives in Western North Carolina.