S. A. Umbergers collection of poems is an excellent way of looking at life from a fresh perspective. It is perfect for wordsmiths and every lover of words.

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Like any excellent work of art, poems can expand anyones thinking and worldview. A person might come across a poem written by someone considerably younger or older than he or from a completely other society. Either way, poetry helps a person understand a challenge they are facing. Using symbolism and metaphors, poets evoke good emotions and stories in their readers. Through meticulously-picked words, they can also express their voices and deepest desires. Such is the case for Sandra A. Umberger, who wrote the book Nuanced: A Collection of Poems.

Nuanced: A Collection of Poems contains many poems reflecting on the various aspects of life, such as love, childhood, the different states of mind, and deeds. S. A. Umberger has also included verses about God-given wonders such as nature, flora, and faunaher subject and inspiration range from people, places, and things. Some of the poems in Nuanced broaches societal themes, including ways and issues of how a man can benefit society. Younger readers will also find joy in reading Sandras work as the poet has also written pieces befitting them. The world, indeed, is Sandras primary poetical muse.

Sandra Umberger is introverted and could improve at communicating with others. Poetry is the ideal vehicle for her to express what she wants to say. Sandra enjoys life in all of its facets. Thus she writes about them. Nuanced: A Collection of Poems proves that anyone with a story to share with the world can do it creatively through poems. The book is an excellent way of looking at life from a fresh perspective. It is great for anyone who loves words and is ready to be inspired by the goodness in life.

Be motivated to actively preserve the worlds beauty by reading Sandras poems. Copies of Nuanced: A Collection of Poems by S. A. Umberger are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author:
Sandra Umberger (S.A Umberger) has an introverted personality. She was born in Memphis, TN., and married to John Umberger of Mississippi. Speaking to people is not Sandras strongest trait. She has things she wishes to say, and poetry is her best conveyance. Sandra loves life and its every aspect, so she writes about various subjects. She holds an Associates of Arts Degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College, where she majored in journalism. Sandra wrote for the Ranger Rocket, a college newspaper.

Book Title | Nuanced: A Collection of Poems
Author | S.A Umberger
Genre | Poetry Book
Publisher | Bookbaby
Published date | December 17, 2020