Fulton Books author Richard Bott, who retired from the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant in 1992, has completed his most recent book, “Life as a Cat”: an engaging tale of a cat, named Freddy, who lives with other cats with their owner, known to them as Lady, and goes on frequent adventures with his family to keep them safe.

After receiving his Bachelor of Social Work degree from New Mexico State University in May of 2000, Bott moved with his family to Georgia from New Mexico to begin a new start and worked as a nursing home social worker for sixteen years. Bott also was a country radio morning person at WLYU, Lyons Georgia before finally retiring for good in 2017. The author has been telling stories about his experiences most of his life, and, with time on his hands from retirement and the pandemic, he began to put down on paper his colorful stories about his life’s experiences.

“Only cats know what it’s like to be a cat—each of us with our own personality,” writes Bott. “A cat’s life can be complicated and sometimes even dangerous. In cat society, dogs and wild critters are not the only dangers we fear. There is another that is more treacherous than any animal, and that is human beings. Humans tend to be either our friends or our mortal enemies. We can become a much-loved house cat or be part of a one-way ride out of town to be dumped on the side of the road. Our fate lies with luck and the ability to survive. Thank goodness for nine lives. Fortunately, we have human friends who really do care for all cats. The Lady is one of those humans who would do almost anything to assist a cat in need. Those cats that live with the Lady are the cream of the crop. By telling their stories, as only a cat can, will the true meaning of a cat’s life be discovered?

“Every story needs a hero. Cat stories are no different. There is one of the Lady’s cats that is much loved by all the neighborhood cats. When there is any trouble that involves the neighborhood cat population, you will find this thick-furred brown tomcat always in the thick of things. Although not a superhero, he uses his nine lives well.”

Published by Fulton Books, Richard Bott’s book is partly inspired by the author’s wife, Shirley, who was so obsessed with cats that his home in Alamogordo, New Mexico, proved to be a true cat sanctuary and was the Lady of the neighborhood. Captivating and brimming with interesting and dynamic characters, “Life as a Cat” is sure to delight readers as they follow Freddy and the cats’ adventures, and their shared love of their beloved Lady.

Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Life as a Cat” online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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