‘Write a short story about Solar punk.’

Solar punk – what would happen if solar and wind power worked and everybody loved each other. (It didn’t sound like the type of punk I grew up with, but …)

I started writing short stories and liked it.
Then I began focusing on developing skills.

I wrote a couple of short stories, and collected them in a small book.
Some are weird, some are fun, and some you should not let your kids read..
which is why this book has an age limit of 18.

Then I turned to writing books in Danish, my native language.
I also started learning how to use Midjourney AI to make covers.

In the middle of February, I got this crazy idea…
A guy walking his Battle Unicorn, and going into a shop to buy food.

And now I have collected those short stories and placed them in a book..
Including the Lucky Ukrainian, the Lowest Muslin, and the last is a dark, tragic love story with a happy ending, ‘The First Date.’

I didn’t win the competition, and I never heard from the publishing house again.
(Maybe because my stories were not really about their Hippy/woke version of Solar punk.)