The book magically blends realism with a cautionary tale about prejudice in Fadels Garden & The Watch and the Fairytale

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“It was as if a huge splendid rainbow had fallen from the sky and settled in his backyard. The rainbow was not only made up of many colors but also made up of titillating smells.

Anna Viscione blends magical realism with a cautionary tale about prejudice in Fadels Garden & The Watch and the Fairytale, its a book with a short story and a novela. The book will be exhibited by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 London Book Fair, where it will share its magic and message with global readers.

Anna Viscione is a retired member of the Red Cross who has been living quietly in the city of Akron. But even then, that life has only inspired her to write an enchanting book titled Fadels Garden & The Watch and the Fairytale.

In just the first opening pages of Fadels Garden, readers are given an introduction that sounds straight out of a fairy tale. Set in a country that could be your country, or my country or anyones country, its told from the perspective of a quiet, reserved old woman as she watches the arrival of a new neighbor.

The neighbors name is Fadel, a man somewhere in his thirties who had begun to make a marvelous garden as soon as he settled down. Viscione uses a beautiful style of magical realism to describe the garden in great detail, from the colors of the flowers to the pleasant personality (and daily life) of its gardener.

However, like many good things, the peace doesnt last.

The old woman soon learns from Fadel that he is from a different country with different laws that put him in danger. The garden is his tribute to the few people in his family who loved him so much they helped him flee. Unfortunately, the old woman soon senses the drums of war sounding on the horizon, and she fears that its effects have begun to change the way Fadel is treated in the neighborhood.

A novela, The watch and the Fairytale, which is included in this book is also written as a fairytale and as you read it, you will find the same magical, mystical qualities of the short stories and as you read on you will discover a deeper message.

Visitors to the London Book Fair will have a chance to learn what happens next when they check out the books display at self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnets exhibit at booth stand no. 6A90. Of course, they should also get a copy of Anna Visciones Fadels Garden & The Watch and the Fairytale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Fadels Garden & The Watch and the Fairytale
Author | Anna Viscione
Published date | November 5, 2020
Publisher | Page Publishing, Inc.
Genre | Fantasy

Author Bio

Anna Viscione, was born in 1947, graduated in Akron University about 1971. She previously worked at Red Cross for blood services and right now she is retired. Anna is single and lived all her life in Akron, had no children but she loved and always get thrilled with animals.