Land Registry reports suspected missing land instruments lodged by government departments for registration


     The Land Registry (LR) announced today (March 10) a case of suspected lost land instruments containing personal data.
     According to a preliminary investigation by the LR, a total of 72 land instruments pending registration were found lost on February 22, of which 10 instruments affecting 21 persons containing personal data of members of the public. These instruments were lodged by government departments to the LR for registration, mainly including Building Order, Satisfaction Letter, Deed of Surrender and Modification Letter issued by the Buildings Department (BD) and Lands Department (LandsD) respectively. All these instruments are public records open for search once registered in the Land Register.
     A thorough search was conducted by the LR immediately but in vain. Meanwhile, the LR has reported the incident to the Police and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. The LR is also notifying persons affected by letter.
     “We are very concerned about the incident and extended our sincerest apologies to those persons affected for the inconvenience caused. The LR has always been prudent in handling land instruments submitted for registration in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We believe this to be an isolated incident. We have conducted thorough investigation with improvement measures introduced to avoid recurrence of similar incidents,” a LR spokesman said.
     The LR has liaised with the BD and LandsD for rearranging registration of the concerned instruments as soon as practicable.
     Persons affected can call the LR on 2867 2881 or 2867 4378 for any inquiry.