Renee Servello shares the reality of the aging process.

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Catch the book display of Renee Servellos book Youre Kidding…Im a SENIOR? at the London Book Fair this coming April 18-20, 2023.

Nothing gets by author Renee Servello as she documents what life is like as you age in her book, Youre Kidding Im a SENIOR? Servellos book will be displayed by the self-publishing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 London Book Fair this coming April 18-20, 2023.

The London Book Fair 2023 will be held at the Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX, United Kingdom, and is expected to attract over 25,000 publishing and creative media industry professionals from more than 135 countries, as well as more than 1,700 exhibitors from 60 countries.

The book trade fair provides the perfect opportunity for participants to network, discuss business, negotiate sales and business rights for content distribution, and build brand awareness. The event is also open to participants coming from other fields of industry.

Avid readers of comedy and biographical genre literature are in for a special treat as Youre Kidding Im a SENIOR? will be displayed alongside other distinguished published works at the London Book Fair, the largest worldwide gathering of the publishing and creative media industry. The book is out to capture hearts at this momentous event.

Youre Kidding Im a SENIOR? gives readers an eye-opening perspective of what life is for aging citizens written in a lighthearted way and filled with humor. The author shares some of her experiences, such as the challenges of her morning routine and intense cardio classes. Not only is the book out to get the readers to laugh, but it is also literature filled with wisdom, making it a must-have for those book collections.

Order Renee Servellos book Youre Kidding Im a SENIOR? Copies are available on ReadersMagnet Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Readers are invited to visit the book display at the ReadersMagnet exhibit booth at the London Book Fair 2023.

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Youre KiddingIm a SENIOR?
Author | Renee Servello
Published date | February 2, 2022
Publisher | ReadersMagnet
Book Genre | Humor

Author Bio

Renee Servello, author of Humor All The Way: Youre KiddingIm a Senior? lives in Texas with her husband Anthony, children Kelli and Ty, grandchildren, and relatives. She had so much fun and laughter that she couldnt help but share her humorous adventures with the rest of the world. She assures us that there is an abundance of humor in everyday life that usually finds her. She has a large family and great friends.