What are shopping portals?
 We explore this question in more detail on our blog, but in summary shopping portals are web pages that list online retailers at which portal users can earn rewards for their purchases. By navigating to the retailers website via the portal, users earn rewards for their purchases (usually a percentage of their purchase total).

Many credit card issuers have shopping portals (including Chase, Citi, and Barclays), as do the major US airlines (among others). For shopping portals that are not affiliated with credit cards, users only need to be members of their free loyalty programs to use the portal and earn rewards.

With this update, AddUp Rewards is proud to introduce full support for shopping portals – even those that arent associated with credit cards. With AddUp Rewards installed in your browser, you can receive reminders to use the portal link when you visit any supported retailer’s website – just select the portals you use after . This way, you won’t miss out on opportunities to earn rewards while shopping online.

Available today on Chrome and Edge, AddUp is 100% free to use. For more information, see our website at www.adduprewards.com