Potential clients often call Burch Tree Counseling Center wanting services in other parts of the country, not having the funds to afford therapy, or curiosity on if counseling is right for them-in the first place. This e-book allows for those to get help who are in different states, cannot afford counseling, or as something to try before committing to therapy.

Candice Burch-CEO of Burch Tree Counseling Center states, I am grateful that I am able to help individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, who are not in the right space to receive therapy.

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About Burch Tree Counseling Center
Burch Tree Counseling Center offers online therapy to adults, teens, and couples experiencing anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD, depression, grief, trauma, relationship concerns, codependence, Bipolar disorder, and many other hindrances. Burch Tree Counseling Center believes that everyone deserves a safe place to discuss hardships without, being judged.

Burch Tree Counseling Center recognizes that experiencing suffering and pain are difficult but, wisdom and growth can derive from it-if you let it. Burch Tree Counseling Center strives to help people find strength in pain and helps individuals develop the victor mentality instead of a victim mindset.