Will Santa be able to find a way to replenish the stolen magic?

Who will save Christmas?

The Christmas Santa Lost His Magic is the magical origination story of Santas Workshop at North Pole, NY as told by The Wizard of The North (aka Chad Currin)

The Wizard of The Norths job is to assist Santa and make sure Santa always has all the MAGIC he needs to make Christmas special for people around the World.

Chad Currin as The Wizard of the North creates stories of magic, friendship, and teamwork, and he brings them to life through his magic.

About the Author:
Chad Currin is a profession children’s and family entertainer, with more than 40 years experience and 10,000 shows.

Chad Currin has delighted audiences all over the United States, Canada, England and France.

As The Wizard of the North, Chad Currin performs at Santa’s Workshop at North Pole, NY.

As Mr. Twisty, Chad Currin performs comedy magic at fairs and festivals.

With a true love of Christmas, Chad Currin translated many of his stories from his live show into fun children’s books so even those who couldn’t come to Santa’s Workshop could enjoy in the fun!

Website: http://thechristmassantalosthismagic.com/