GS-2L-I Single Station Blow Molding Machine

Looking for a reliable blow molding machine to help you get the job done? Look no further than the GS-2L-I Single Station Blow Molding Machine. The GS-2L-I is designed with a 50 mm screw and produces a wide variety of materials, such as PE and PP. Not only that but it also has an impressive production capacity, ranging from 10ml to 2L per hour saving you time and enhancing productivity.

Designed to be user friendly, this machine can meet all your needs without compromising on quality. Not only does it provide excellent results quickly but it also requires minimal maintenance ensuring that your moulds will always be up to standard. This versatile machine is perfect for any business or individual who wants fast results while maintaining their products integrity and quality.

With the GS-2L-I Single Station Blow Molding Machine, you are sure to get the perfect contours with any size container possible! Invest in one today and produce top level containers that won’t break your budget try the GS-2L-I Single Station Blow Molding Machine by GS Machinery now!
GS-5L-I Single Station Blow Molding Machine

Introducing the GS-5L-I single station blow molding machine from GS Machinery! This reliable and powerful machine can provide unprecedented efficiency with its 60mm high-resolution screw and a capacity that range of 100ml up to 5 Liters.

With this powerhouse of a machine you can meet the demands of any job with ease. Whether creating household items, toys, personal care products, or products in other industries, you can trust the GS-5L-I single station blow molding machine to produce good quality parts.

The unique profile design of the screw reduces plasticizing time for higher production output and helps you keep cost down as well. What’s more? The high power frequency conversion motor ensures energy saving and excellent performance at every work speed.

With the advanced technology used in this machinery, you not only get consistently superior output but also operate it with minimal effort! On top of that, regular maintenance won’t be compulsory thanks to its exhaustive safety procedures.

Simply put, if you want ultimate precision and efficiency along with maximum value for money all at once then the GS-5L-I single station blow molding machine is just what you need!

Zhangjiagang Great Supreme Industry Limited announces the release of their newest plastic blow moulding machine, designed with a new hydraulic system for improved speed and precision. Company president Mr. Wu is confident that this new machine will be a valuable addition to their product line and help them meet the needs of their customers. He invites anyone interested in learning more about it to visit their website or contact them directly. GS Machinery is proud to manufacture high quality plastic blow moulding machines for our customers worldwide! Visit us at today!