Applications selected for 47th personalised vehicle registration marks exercise


     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (February 15) that the application numbers of the 1 500 personalised vehicle registration mark (PVRM) applications selected by lot for the 47th exercise have been published on its website ( and posted on the notice boards of the TD’s licensing offices.
     “The applicants have already been sent an acknowledgement of receipt bearing an application number. They may check the list to see whether their applications have been selected. Applicants will also be notified of the ballot results by post in batches,” a department spokesman said.
     The department will later check the proposed PVRMs selected against the basic combination requirements. If, among the selected applications, more than one applicant proposes the same PVRM, only the one on which the lot falls first out of those applications will be further processed.
     If the selected PVRMs meet the basic requirements, the department will send notices by registered mail to the applicants in batches, requiring them to pay a deposit of $5,000 within the period specified in the notice. If an applicant fails to pay the deposit within that period, his or her application will be cancelled automatically and will not be further processed.
     Upon receipt of the deposit, the Commissioner for Transport will determine, with the assistance of a vetting committee, whether an application should be approved or rejected. PVRMs approved in the 47th exercise will be put up for auction in batches. Auction details will be published in newspapers and on the TD’s website in due course.
     For enquiries, applicants can call the TD hotline at 2804 2600.