After three years of planting and maintenance under Korindo Foundation’s care, Pakansari Stadium’s urban forest (or Pakansari City Forest) was finally handed over to the Bogor Regency Government at the beginning of February 2023.
Korindo Foundation Chairman Robert Seung performed the handing-over ceremony with Bogor’s acting regent Iwan Setiawan, the handover fulfilling the region’s dream of owning a lush urban forest. Pakansari City Forest is, in fact, the first wooded area to be established in Bogor Regency.

“Through the Green Collaboration program, Korindo Group and Foundation are committed to supporting government efforts that keep our country’s natural environment and our beloved Earth sustainable,” said Robert Seung in his opening speech.

This green space was actually a part of the regency government’s masterplan, but for several reasons, its construction was put on hold. The project only saw the light in November 2019, when Korindo Foundation agreed to help out with the development.

And that’s how the commitment to revitalize the land outside Pakansari Stadium began. Starting with 1,294 Eucalyptus deglupta saplings, the Foundation kept planting until a total of 1,800 trees were reached, adorning a two-hectare area that’s sectioned into six planting zones.

For the next step, tree and land maintenance, local residents were given a chance to participate. Together with the Foundation, they conducted regular plant care that involved cutting weeds, cleaning up fallen branches, and pulling tangled weeds.

“After three years, I think we can all see how these seeds we planted have very much thrived and grown so large, making this place greener and much more pleasant to the eye. And from this forest, we can enjoy cleaner and fresher air,” said Robert Seung.

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