CHESTER, U.K.Feb. 3, 2023PRLog — This month, VisitEngland released new survey results tracking travel sentiments and attitudes to domestic travel in the midst of the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, revealing that 1 in 3 UK adults would prefer to take a trip in the UK rather than overseas in the next six months.

Furthermore, an encouraging 70% of the 1,500 UK adults aged 16+ surveyed said they have the intention to take a UK overnight trip in the next 12 months, compared to just half (52%) who said they intend to travel overseas in the same time period.

The report, analysed by UK campervan hire travel providers Calico Campers, reveals that overnight domestic trip intentions are well above the levels anticipated in January 2022, with 16% of respondents planning a trip in January to March 2023, and 35% between April and June this year.

When asked to think about UK travel intentions this year compared to UK holidays taken before the Covid-19 pandemic, the report reveals that at a ‘net level, domestic trip intentions are above pre-pandemic levels and that overseas intentions are still some way below.

A staggering 31% of those surveyed indicated they are more likely to choose a trip in the UK than overseas in the next six months– the top reason being that ‘UK holidays are easier to plan’ (60%). The rest of the top 5 reasons why those surveyed are opting for a UK holiday than going overseas are;

1. UK holidays are easier to plan (60%)

2. UK holidays are cheaper (48%)

3. To avoid long queues at airports/cancelled flights (40%)

4. Shorter / quicker travel (39%)

5. Uncertainty around restrictions at overseas destinations (32%)

The current cost of living crisis is set to have an impact on UK travel plans, but for those who still intend on having a UK holiday, the top three ways that respondents plan on saving money whilst on holiday include looking for more ‘free’ things to do (33%), choosing cheaper accommodation (31%) and spending less on eating out (30%).

The top destination type for an overnight domestic trip up to March 2023 is ‘countryside or village’. From April to September 2023 it is ‘traditional coastal/seaside town’, both top destination types marrying up with the campervan hire service provided by Calico Campers.

The top three motivations for taking an overnight UK trip between January and June this year include ‘to get away from it all and have a rest’, to have ‘family time or time with my partner’ and ‘to connect with nature/ be outdoors’. Calico Campers reveals that the top activity for UK holidays happening between April and June 2023 comes out as walking, hiking or rambling (40%).

Claire Havey, Co-owner of UK campervan hire travel providers Calico Campers ( comments;

“Reports like these published by VisitEngland are invaluable and insightful for small UK travel providers like ourselves. It’s really exciting to see just how many people are set to opt for a UK holiday this year.

“We are huge advocates of exploring what this wonderful country has to offer and supporting local tourism in every way we can. The volume of bookings we already have for 2023 certainly suggest that a nature-filled road trip with family and friends to get away from it all is something people want to have to look forward to during these difficult times.”

The South West of England comes out on top for the place most visited in the last three months of 2022 (19%) and the area most people intend to visit in the first three months of this year (17%).