Pok Oi Hospital announces incident of healthcare workers sustaining injuries


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:
     The spokesman for Pok Oi Hospital (POH) made the following announcement today (January 29) regarding an incident of healthcare workers sustaining injuries:
     A 22-year-old female patient was sent to Accident and Emergency Department of POH due to loss of consciousness on January 26 and admitted to a Medicine and Geriatrics Ward in stable condition. At around 8pm last night (January 28), the patient suddenly became emotionally unstable. Ward staff immediately tried to stop her and reported to the Police. The patient concerned was brought under control eventually by the Police and ward staff. 
     During the incident, a patient care assistant and a security officer sustained slight injuries. Another patient care assistant was panicked. The staff concerned have been sent to Accident and Emergency Department for examination and were discharged after treatment.
     The hospital is highly concerned about the incident, expressed sympathy for the injured staff and will provide timely treatment to them. The hospital will also provide psychological support to them and all staff involved in the incident. POH has all along attached great importance to work safety for its staff under prevailing guidelines and measures to prevent staff from suffering from injury. The hospital also appeals to patients to co-operate with and follow the instructions of healthcare workers when receiving treatment.
     The hospital has reported the incident to the Hospital Authority Head Office via the Advanced Incident Reporting System.