WAKEFIELD, Mass.Jan. 3, 2023PRLog — In the past, to get physical therapy, people were required to see a physician and obtain a prescription or referral in advance. That is no longer the case; we have Direct Access! Over the past few years, all 50 states have adopted direct access in some way, and in accordance with Massachusetts law, it allows people to see a licensed physical therapist without a doctor’s prescription or referral. It means you can just call, come in and get treated!

Direct Access to physical therapy helps remove barriers to getting care. It helps make PT more convenient and accessible. It ensures that you receive the highest quality of care available, that you are able to access that care quickly, and that it’s the right care for you. It eliminates the need for an additional doctor’s appointment, can save you time and money and can lead to higher satisfaction and better outcomes. You can start your recovery today.

We understand that medical billing can be challenging, but if you are already a member of a health insurance plan, and are already paying a monthly premium, you should use it. The cost of a copayment is often lower than the out-of-pocket costs of cash-based services. At HDPT, we have a dedicated insurance and billing staff that can fully help you with all of it. They are available to assist you with verifying your insurance coverage, eligibility and benefits, will support you with any steps that you do have to take, and will ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free PT experience.

Your health is more important than ever. Not just if you’re working toward recovering from an injury or setback, but also because we know that improving your overall health improves your mood, mindset and well being. So if you are in pain, or something just does not feel right, come see us. It’s easy. Together we will determine a physical therapy treatment plan of care that best fits your needs. Whether you define success as being able to return to work, sport or fitness, care for your family or simply tie your shoes without pain, our team consistently helps people achieve those goals.

The HDPT offices in Wakefield and Burlington have no waiting lists for new patients, accept all health insurance plans, support direct access to care (no referrals necessary,) offer same day appointments, have two notable locations along major highways, have convenient hours that fit any schedule and always offer free injury screenings and tours.

At HD Physical Therapy, we are committed to the health and happiness of our patients. Everyday we work to restore each person’s maximal function with consistency and compassion. Offering distinctive, inventive and proven rehabilitation treatment, our devoted professionals strive to deliver a successful and enjoyable experience to every patient we meet. For more information about HD Physical Therapy, please visit https://www.HDPTonline.com and follow us on all social media platforms.