Our human capital is one of our best assets which is why we are always looking to add talented and hardworking team members to our fold. We’re problem solvers, technology enthusiasts, and avid learners. We want to hear from you!.

Why Work With Us?

At PrimEra, we’re on a mission to drive innovation in the healthcare industry. Not only at an organization level but also at an individual level. Working at PrimEra will give you the opportunity to share, hone, and add to your skillset each and every day.

-Competitive salaries

-Health benefits

-Team Work

-Great people and energy


We take pride in the personal and professional development of our employees, which is why we are always on the lookout to grow alongside our clients. Our values ensure we work together with a shared vision.

-Excellence in HIT Development

-Exposure to Various Care Settings

-Knowledge-Driven Thinking

-Teamwork Centric Operations

-End-to-End Awareness of Healthcare Regulations