Arrangements by HKSAR on mourning Former President Jiang Zemin


     A Government spokesman announced today (December 2) the memorial service for Former President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Jiang Zemin, will be held solemnly at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing at 10am on December 6 (Tuesday). To express our deep condolences to President Jiang, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) and members of the public will mourn with Mainland compatriots together. Arrangements are as follows:  

     Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) will arrange television live-broadcast of the memorial service to the public. The Central Government Offices will also live-broadcast the service. During the mourning in silence in the memorial service, government staff will at the same time observe three minutes’ mourning in silence. All government bureaux and departments will also make similar arrangements. The 18 District Offices will make arrangements to facilitate members of the public to watch the memorial service live and observe mourning in silence at designated locations. The Home Affairs Department will announce the locations later. All government vessels will conduct three minutes’ honk during the mourning in silence in the memorial service. The Government will liaise with subvented organisations, relevant industry associations and organisations, for arranging their staff to watch the memorial service live and observe mourning in silence. 

     On the day of the memorial service, National flags and Regional flags displayed at all government departments (including offices outside Hong Kong) will be flown at half staff. Government officials will not attend any public entertainment activities. All entertainment and celebration activities organised or funded by the Government will be postponed or cancelled as appropriate. The Government appeals to industry associations and organisations to postpone or cancel any entertainment and celebration activities scheduled for December 6, and announce relevant arrangements as soon as possible.

     Executive Council (ExCo) will watch the live broadcast of the memorial service and observe a moment of silence in the morning of December 6. The ExCo meeting on that day will be held after the memorial service, and the media session before the ExCo meeting will be suspended.