Cosmos a Physician Insurance Credentialing company, has been helping in insurance credentialing process for each of their providers or organizations tied with them. It is mandatory for all of them to become a participating provider with a particular insurance company. The ultimate goal of the Physician Insurance Credentialing Company is to get counted in the network and prevent patients from having claims go deductible from their pockets.

In addition to credentialing, there are provider enrolments also that needs to be taken care of. Cosmos as a credentialing service provider company helps providers to overcome this tedious task that slows down the services of any healthcare administration. Most of the organizations building a tough and powerful physician networks requires systematic management of data. To get physicians associated with the networks like payers or telehealth provider’s cosmos has launched new credentialing solutions to create transparency between providers and payers. Automation of transactions between physicians and other organizations for efficient exchange and management of data is introduced by Cosmos as a part of new Physician Credentialing Services solutions.

CAQH registration process is one among the many solutions that is introduced as a part of new credentialing solutions by Cosmos. Once the request has been submitted, the payer takes about 30 days to review your information. But instead Cosmos offers here to be the mediator and gets the job done by the payer in about 2 weeks’ time. If they wish to proceed, a notification will be received and asked to submit further information as and when required.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is another mandatory Process for all provider organizations. It is required to confirm that a Physician possesses a valid license, certification or registration to practice as a professional in an organization, required by law or regulation. It is not the responsibility of the licensed individual but it is solely dependent on the accredited organization to complete PSV. Cosmos as a part of the newly launched Physician Credentialing Services solutions takes care of PSV as well. Cosmos has introduced the automation of PSV which helps reduce the amount of time taken to complete the credentialing. It reduces by leaps. The expert team will analyze and collect all the data and use it for physician credentialing. Until the credentialing is completed the new physicians cannot bill payers for their services. Cosmos plays an important role here to speed up things and get the credentialing process rolling until the end. Cosmos has always been on the look out to partnering with organizations and get them benefited from their newly introduced credentialing techniques.

About COSMOS Medical Management, LLC.

Cosmos is a Texas born company however we do provide credentialing services US wide. Our purpose is to create a new benchmark, by reducing the hurdles faced by a physician while getting insurance credentialing and increase their cash flow.