Upcoming token’s value will correlate directly to the progress of worldwide tire recycling

EcoTire Alliance has just announced their plans to launch a groundbreaking new token that will forever change the way tire recycling is viewed by individuals and institutions. The ETTOKEN, which is now in its presale wait list stage, will offer a value that varies based on the progress of global tire recycling.

The mission behind the EcoTire Alliance is to respond to the global tire recycling crisis in a meaningful way that inspires individuals and businesses to do their part while also offering a measure of global recycling as it stands.

Each year, an estimated 1.5 billion tires are introduced into the environment, and of these, only an average of 5% are appropriately recycled and repurposed globally. The remaining 95% of old tires are left in piles in dumps, where they wreak havoc on the environment, spark fires, and cause disease. These tires are left to sit and continue to decimate the environment until people decide to take action. If or when this occurs, the damage caused is already insurmountable.

“Saving the environment is not a cliché,” said a representative for EcoTire Alliance. “We should leave this world in better shape than we came into it.”

The EcoTire Alliance token, ETTOKEN, will provide a palpable gauge for tire recycling around the world. According to EcoTire Alliance, they are tokenizing used tires to give them value. The value of the tokens will be representative of the volume of recycled and unrecycled tires around the world. Individuals and businesses alike will be able to purchase and hold these tokens in attempts to increase value by increasing recycled tires. This will lead to financial gains for token holders while leaving the environment a cleaner place.

Currently, the EcoTire Alliance ETTOKEN is in its presale waitlist phase. Anyone interested can sign up now to be among the first to invest in this highly anticipated new eco-oriented token. More information can be found at https://ecotirealliance.org.

About EcoTire Alliance

EcoTire Alliance is a revolutionary eco-conscious organization committed to reducing tire waste by correlating global recycling progress with the value of a brand new token.