Starting his career as the Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India has made him inclined towards education and encouraged him to achieve the best outcomes in this field. Being a man of high qualifications himself, his affinity towards education was always there, but serving in the Educational Societies, helped him to nurture this coherent ability even further. As an Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India, Dr Kapoor has served as an advisor to hundred educational institutes in Central Asia. Being in this significant position he has focused on capacity building of institute and manpower. Over here, he has also paid a special emphasis on the development of knowledge resources. As a man who understands the importance of leadership quality in any field, he had especially focused on developing leaders with the desirable leadership qualities. Learning is always a two-way process and thus, it needs focus on both teaching and learning abilities. Thus, as an advisor to these educational institutes, he gave special attention to develop and promote better teaching-learning facilities.

Dr Kapoor’s expertise was widespread and was not just limited to capacity building and developing leaders. As already mentioned he is dedicated towards the betterment of education that can also be seen in his endeavours as the chairman of RKDF University in Bhopal. Further to this attribute and devotion towards this Dr Kapoor developed Universities from 2012 and also established eight universities in different locations. Thus, all of these contributions that he made towards enhancing the educational system had actually helped him a lot in his current position of the Chairman of RKDF University in Bhopal. He has well utilised these experiences and the various things that he learnt in these positions and implemented them skilfully in improving the education system in the University.

About RKDF University

The RKDF University is a multidisciplinary university in Bhopal by the RKDF group and is sponsored by the Ayushmati Education and Social Society on 14th of February 2012. It has many well-established colleges at different locations in Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal. Enhancing education has always been the primary focus of the RKDF group and thus, it has established a wide network of colleges focussing on various streams and specialisation like Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Hotel Management, Education, Homeopathic, Dental and Nursing. These colleges are located in cities of Bhopal, Indore, Sehore and Rewa.

Thus, as a Chairman of the RKDF University in Bhopal, Dr Sunil Kapoor, understands the importance of his position and consequently aims to provide the best and most advanced education system to his students. His experience as the Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India is always at the centre of his acknowledgement while taking knowledge to another level for the betterment of education in the RKDF University in Bhopal.

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PR Name- Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal

Contact Number- +91-9907811114

Email- drsunilkapoorbhopal1 ( @ ) gmail dot com

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