Recently, Joan Hu, Overseas Southeast Asia Director of Roborock, has announced Roborock’s great success based on Euromonitor data and shared its strategies.

According to data recently released by Euromonitor, worldwide retail sales of robot vacuums exceeded 15 million units in 2021, representing a compound annual growth rate in excess of 20% over the past five years. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for some 44.2% of the total, making it the world’s largest robot vacuum market. High-end robot vacuums, generally priced at over US$500, deliver far superior performance in terms of intelligence and cleaning efficiency when compared with standard models.

After Roborock announcing its expansion to the Southeast Asia market only in 2020, the company gains its quick success in just two years.

“We truly pride ourselves on our ability to provide consumers with cutting edge technology when it comes to robot vacuums. Users are spoilt for choice when it comes to innovations for smartphone and smartphone-related gadgets. However, there isn’t much growth in the home improvement space. Thus, we saw an opportunity for Roborock to tap into this space and provide technology that aims to provide true convenience to users. In fact, in the first half of 2022, Roborock’s R&D expenses grew 13.74% YoY to 226 million yuan (approx. US$31.6 million)”, said Joan Hu.

How Roborock managed to dominate the High-End robot vacuum market in such a short time, especially with the challenges posed by the pandemic in the past two years? Given the ongoing pursuit of a high-quality household environment, especially in a fast-paced world, there is a growing trend whereby consumers prefer to use robots to do the housework so that they can spend more time on the things that matter or with the people they love. This was prevalent during the pandemic in the past two years as majority of the population across the world had to be stuck at home due to movement restrictions. With a large number of people working from home, household chores’ responsibilities – such as cleaning – become unclear, and caused tension among couples and families living together. Roborock took the lead in increasing exposure and gaining acceptance of robot vacuums among the general public by providing customers with innovative premium products that use cutting-edge technologies to create a cleaner household environment while delivering a hands-free cleaning experience – something that required very little manual interaction from their consumersBy doing so, the leading robot vacuum company has contributed to the growth of the sector.

The strategies of Roborock

Roborock tied up with China’s top online shopping platforms and, to launch the Super Brand Day campaign. Similarly for their key SEA markets, including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, they worked closely with renowned shopping platforms Shopee ands Lazada in a move to raise the awareness of their popular, high-tech products to a wider range of consumer groups, with the aim of enhancing the quality of day-to-day life and well-being of consumers worldwide. It is also through this platform that they were able to exercise credibility of their brand and the services they offer.

On top of that, Roborock also bolstered marketing efforts across the SEA markets – creating localized marketing campaigns in terms of digital and influencer outreach for each market in order to expand their reach to the correct target audience.

How does Roborock’s High-End products differs from its competitors

In March 2022, Roborock rolled out the G10S and S7 MaxV high-end robot vacuums series with the upgraded algorithm system RR mason 9.0, enabling more precise obstacle avoidance and route planning. The series also features the industry’s first VibraRise® sonic vibration technology that scrubs floors up to 3,000 times per minute as well as disruptive integration of Auto Mop Washing, Auto Antibacterial, Auto Tank Refilling, Auto Dust Collection and Auto-Empty Dock, in addition to optional water and drying components. With these technologies, the series has significantly enhanced cleaning efficiency, delivering an optimized hands-free floor cleaning experience.

To further enhance the consumer experience, Roborock also partners with industry leaders, such as INEOS Styrolution. In May this year, they partnered with the company to incorporate Novodur®, INEOS Styrolution’s brand of specialty acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) copolymers. This allows us to produce robot vacuums in terms of sweeping and mopping, as well as smart cordless dual scrubber to provide consumers with an elevated cleaning experience.

What are Roborock’s aspirations and goals for the local market

Besides growing their online presence, Roborock hope to be able to provide a service centre to better serve existing customers. In the near future, Roborock aims to have their own brand flagship store that will also act as an after-sales service center to provide their consumers with a more wholesome shopping experience.

In the meantime, consumers can look forwards to sales events that Roborock organizes hand-in-hand with their local shopping partners.

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