RYOT specializes in discreet herb consumption accessories. As part of their collaboration with Playboy, they are releasing a line of glass products that are as sturdy and user-friendly as they are mantel-worthy.

RYOT is a world leader in meticulously engineered accessories to elevate the herb consumption experience. Their “Playboy by RYOT” collaboration now includes a line of impact-resistant glassware branded with the pink Playboy logo. The products are portable and odor-proof and double as classic home decor accents.

The RYOT x Playboy product capsule draws on the appeal of the two popular adult-lifestyle brands with Playboy-branded trays, aluminum herb grinders, and other accessories, some featuring the works of popular counterculture artists. The new glassware features the pink Playboy bunny logo and is crafted with an impact-resistant maple wood base, a thick streamlined ceramic bowl and stem, and smell-proof maple caps to seal in odors.

“A lot of our customers are also Playboy patrons. This collaboration celebrates our shared customer base and honors their quest to get the most out of life every single day,” said Dan Talbot, Co-Founder and CMO of RYOT. “Our collaborative products are practical, durable, and impeccably designed. There’s no need to tuck these accessories away in a cabinet or drawer because they double as statement pieces.”

RYOT credits much of the appeal of their herb grinders and other products to the fact that they are created for herb users by herb users who are constantly trying to improve their previous design.

“There’s an ongoing quest to make our products more convenient, durable, visually appealing, portable, and discreet,” said Talbot. “We won’t sell anything that we don’t use, and we are very discriminating about our own user-experience.”

To learn more about the RYOT x Playboy collaboration, including their newly released glass products for use at home or on the go, visit www.RYOT.com.

About RYOT

Established in 2000, RYOT is dedicated to serving the herb enthusiasts community with pollen presses, dugouts, herb grinders and smell proof bags geared for modern times.